Pink HL

Pink HL - Hair Loss

Pink HL enables direct epidermal diffusion of over 56 types of active ingredients through our 32G hypodermic micro-needle technology.

This technology is the least invasive on the market while remaining one of the most effective: it is the TURTLEPIN innovation (offering a 15 times higher absorption rate than a traditional multiple micro-needle system while guaranteeing much less pain).

Pink HL reduces and prevents hair loss by nourishing the scalp to ultimately stimulate hair growth.

This product is recommended for hairstylists and hair professionals in clinics as a complement to their practice.

Key Ingredients

Biotin – Growth factors and adenosine A2 receptors - Vitamin C - Hyaluronic acid

Biotin contributes to the production of keratin and improves hair follicle growth. Growth factors and adenosine A2 receptors contribute to accelerated cell regeneration cycles within the skin. Vitamin C improves ion absorption levels to pave the way for hair thickening and improved hair health. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and nourishes the scalp by creating an environment conducive to hair cell proliferation.

How to use it

Androgenetic alopecia “baldness” (M-shaped)

step 1. Dab along the scalp line starting at the temporal area and reaching the middle of the forehead.
step 2. First take care of the left part of the scalp (based on a parting drawn along the face on the central ridge). Dab following the direction indicated.

Androgenetic alopecia “baldness” (O-shaped)

step 1. Divide the targeted area vertically for treatment into multiple sessions. Then dab following the direction indicated.
step 2. Repeat this process, this time choosing a horizontal axis, again to carry out treatment in several sessions. So dab again following the direction indicated.

Hair loss around a distribution line

step 1. Clearly identify the distribution line and stamp following it.
step 2. Create new partitions on each side of said line and stamp following the direction indicated.

Alopecia areata "alopecia areata"

step 1. Segment the targeted area in two directions (horizontal and vertical) then stamp following the directions indicated.
step2. Identify five different parts distributed in strategic areas (one in the middle and two on each side) and dab, covering the entire scalp.

Surface Multi-Needle System

TURTLEPIN III technology improves the absorption rate of the Pink Aging solution by a factor of 30 compared to conventional topical solutions (such as creams).

This system also maximizes diffusion efficiency through the dermis by increasing the absorption rate by nearly 15 times compared to traditional multi-needle systems used in mesotherapy.

Skin recovery time is minimized while the level of pain is reduced to the extent that it only leaves a slight discomfort.

This system is ideal in combination with the most classic conventional injection procedures targeting hair loss.

Essais cliniques


Scalp of an adult female skin (between 30 and 40 years old)


Scalp of an adult male skin (between 30 and 40 years old)


Scalp of a mature adult male skin (between 40 and 50 years old)

Recommended Post-Procedure

Direct epidermal diffusion of active ingredients stimulating the scalp and preventing hair loss by nourishing it to ultimately contribute to regrowth.


Use a tail comb to rearrange hair and/or divide it into different sections to apply the procedure.
Hold the untreated part with your hand to make enough space to apply the treatment on the targeted area.
Make sure to dab as close to the scalp as possible.
Dab perpendicularly (following a 90° angle).
Make sure not to slide your equipment or hand over the surface of the scalp.

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