Deep Shoot HA

Deep Shoot HA for deep hydration

DEEP SHOOT HA is a hyaluronic acid product incorporating an innovative and painless 32G multi-needle hypodermic device, TurtlePin (19 needles, 0.5 mm), which replenishes and retains water content for intense hydration and enhancement radiance and complexion
With minimal pain, the absorption rate of DEEP SHOOT HA solution is 30 times higher than topical application and 15 times higher than MTS devices.
With its multiple 0.5mm needles, DEEP SHOOT HA is designed for use in professional beauty salons and spas.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid -Triple action

Three variants of hyaluronic acid (low, medium and high molecular weights respectively) allow your skin to hydrate more deeply and more intensely than ever.

Turnkey kit

Recommended program

Deep Shoot - single type

Treatment using a single type of DEEP SHOOT for 5 weeks depending on skin condition.

Deep Shoot – Combining different types

Treatment using more than one type of DEEP SHOOT for 10 weeks (Ex. DEEP SHOOT HA for 5 weeks & DEEP SHOOT AA for 5 weeks).

How to use it

01 Around the eyes

Dab the skin at a 45 degree outward angle.

02 On the cheeks

Dab the skin at a 45 degree outward angle.

03 On the jaw

Start by dabbing from below the chin before gradually moving up following the protrusion of the lower jaw
Perform the movement once more but this time following the line drawn under the chin, oriented at 45 degrees.

04 On the forehead

Dab from the level drawn by the eyebrows following the guideline of the expressions appearing on the forehead, from bottom to top.

05 Around the nose and mouth

Stamp in a zig-zag way following the nasolabial line.
Dab above the upper lip.
Dab less heavily around the nose.

Practical tips

It is possible to treat the most irregular wrinkles and fine lines and deeper marks in the nasolabial area but also in those of the forehead, between the eyebrows and at the nape of the neck by systematically following a zig-zag path.

Before treating an area, make sure to soften it by massaging it. Once the injector is in place at 90 degrees on the target area, perform the injection and wait 2 to 3 seconds before proceeding to treat another area.

Be careful during treatment not to let the injector slip on the skin. Be even more careful on sensitive areas, around the mucous membranes.

Recommended post-procedure

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