Post-Procedure Gel

EP+ After Care Booster

Hydration and calming effects

EP+After Care Booster Gel is a post-procedure product that helps maximize the benefits of procedures by providing skin rejuvenation, hydration and calming effects.
Its gel-like texture allows for easy and light application without a greasy effect.

Key Ingredients

FEM – centella asiatica extract – snail secretion filtrate – Allantoin

EGF accelerates the growth of epithelial cells. EGF does this by transmitting a signal through the EGF receptor on the cell membrane, which then induces cell division.

Centella asiatica prevents bacterial activity and promotes the synthesis of collagen which plays an important role in skin regeneration.

Snail secretion filtrate functions as a powerful natural antioxidant and minimizes scarring caused by dermatological procedures.

Allantoin has an instant soothing effect on red spots after laser treatment.

How to use it

Apply it after the procedure and during the treatment period (morning and evening).

Apply it twice a day.

Store the product in the refrigerator for best effects

Makeup immediately after use is possible.

Recommended after


Acne extraction


Carboxylic CO2 therapy

Mesotherapy (MTS)

Other aesthetic programs

UV exposure


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