Innovate with mesocosmetics

Catalyst of potential


Embark on a skin (r)evolution, showcasing the skin of your clients by complementing the care you provide them with an innovative and exclusive product!

With remarkably effective technology, our turnkey kits are the catalyst for uncompromising growth: that of the skin regeneration of your clients and that of your professional activity.

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The Products

Deep Shoot HA

DEEP SHOOT HA is a product based on hyaluronic acid integrating an innovative and painless 32G multi-needle hypodermic device, TurtlePin (19 needles, 0.5 mm), which...

Deep Shoot AA

DEEP SHOOT AA is a multifunctional cocktail containing essential ANTI-AGING agents, combined with a 32G multi-needle hypodermic device, TurtlePin (19 needles,...

Deep Shoot AA Hair Loss

DEEP SHOOT AA Hair Loss allows direct epidermal diffusion of over 56 types of active ingredients through our hypodermic micro-needle technology of gauge...

EP+ After Care Booster Post-Procedure Gel

The EP+ After Care Booster gel is a post-procedure product that helps maximize the benefits of procedures by providing...

EP+ After Care Booster Facial & Neck Mask

EP+ After Care Booster Mask is a post-procedure mask, presented in a convenient bulk packaging of 25 sheets...


Thanks to research and development, JM BIOTECH has developed a revolutionary technology of multiple micro-needles,...

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