A revolutionary technology

Through research and development, JM BIOTECH has developed a revolutionary technology of multiple micro-needles, TURTLEPIN®, which includes 32G nano-hypodermic needles allowing highly improved skin permeability in a minimally painful manner.
TURTLEPIN® is one of the products that fully embodies the spirit of JM BIOTECH – innovation that matters.


Turtlepin® consists of 32G nano-hypodermic multi-needles that enable highly improved skin permeability in a minimally painful manner.
  • An ergonomically designed, easy-to-handle device
  • Equal diffusion level at every application point (0.06cc/injection)
  • An innovative technique allowing surface treatment to act more deeply
  • No burrs or leakage during or after injection

32G hypodermic needles

Precise penetration and direct administration of medications

Even arrangement of needles

Even diffusion of liquid medications through evenly positioned hypodermic needles.

Luer-lock system

Compatible with all types of syringes.

Revolutionary cut

Double lancet cut


20 pieces / 1 box

Different ranges

Superficial Stimulator

Perpendicular Injector

Penetration depth

Upper epidermis

Penetration depth

Upper dermis

Perpendicular Injector

Penetration depth


Penetration depth


Possible uses


Non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid

Growth factors for the face and hair loss

Growth factors for the face



Injection lipolysis



Skin "boosting"

Intralesional injection

Luer-Lock System

TURTLEPIN® III airless syringe

For multiple stimulating procedures

  • Easy-to-use ergonomic design
  • Easy and precise dosing
  • Improves skin permeability painlessly
  • Compatible

    For multiple injection procedures

  • Uniform distribution
  • Improves procedure precision
  • Reduces treatment duration
  • More practicality for professionals
  • Clinically tested

    Instructions for use

    Perpendicular injector

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