Restore the Natural Hair Cycle

As we strive to consistently provide the latest and cutting-edge products, we are pleased to announce the addition of this 10 billion particle exosome hair restoration product, manufactured in South Korea by ExoCoBio, using the exclusive ExoSCRT isolation and purification technology according to the highest standards.
ASCEplus HRLV signifies hair renewal through the enhanced composition of ASCE HRLV, with 1 ml of the preparation containing a higher dose of exosomes. Moreover, the product can be dissolved in platelet-rich plasma; the growth factors in the platelets further enhance the stimulating effect of hair regrowth. Hair exosomes are highly effective and ideal for the treatment of androgenetic and telogen effluvium in both women and men.
One vial of the preparation contains 20 mg of powder containing 10 billion exosomes and 0.05% biotin. The product supports the hair growth phase with 1008 different types of proteins and growth factors that stimulate regrowth. Additionally, it contains 598 types of miRNA with anti-inflammatory effects on the scalp.

Key Ingredients

Exosomes (exosomes) - Growth factors - Nutrients - Biotin - Copper tripeptide

ASCEplus HRLV exosomes are the next-generation regenerative aesthetic scalp treatment product, powered by 10 billion exosomes manufactured by ExoCoBio. The 10 billion exosomes, combined with 10 growth factors, 30 nutrients, biotin, and copper tripeptide, are essential for scalp care.

asce plus

Multi-Effect on the Scalp and Hair Simultaneously

Providing the best synergy effect

asce plus

The ExoSCRT™ exosome complex provides

Strong vitality

asce plus

Takes care of the scalp, hair cycle, and hair health

The premium hair solution, ASCEplus HRLV

Hair Problems Requiring HRLV

Those dissatisfied with their existing hair treatment

Those concerned about hair loss

Those worried about problematic scalp

Those seeking healthy hair and scalp

Normalization of the Hair Cycle

by ASCEplus HRLV

asce plus

Recommended Program

It is recommended to perform 3 to 5 sessions every 2 weeks.

Effects appear on the hair after 3 to 4 months.

How to use it

Prepare 5 ml of diluent** in the syringe and remove the crystal cap in the form of a flat cover on top.

When the syringe containing the diluent is injected into the rubber stopper, the diluent is automatically loaded into the vial by vacuum.

Dissolve the HRLV powder completely.

Aspirate the dissolved HRL and apply it to the scalp.

Option 1: 5 ml normal saline
Option 2: Another nourishing ampoule for hair
Option 3: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), SVF (Vascular Stromal Fraction)

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