Aurora Super

For the skin that shines on it's own

A new generation preparation based on PDRN (2% and 0.2%) and hyaluronic acid (1%) for skin correction.
The product was developed by the world leader in the exosome industry – ExoCoBio (Korea) using exclusive technology, thanks to which the active ingredients penetrate deep into the dermis and strengthen the PDRN.
The composition of LAPUROON is rich in peptides, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, retinol, sodium hyaluronate and ascorbic acid. These components add radiance to the skin, regulate skin moisture, restore, increase elasticity and improve its texture.

Key Ingredients


The optimal combination and formula found by LAPUROON Aurora through continuous research

Exclusive technology further strengthened by the active ingredients


PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide), a piece of DNA that is very similar to the one in human body.

PDRN reinforces the skin's natural strength to return it to its natural healthy state (rejuvenation).



Amino Acids

Vitamins & Minerals

All-in-One Solution

For glowing skin

Perfect combination of active ingredients

Quickly achieved radiant skin

Neo-PDRN care of the skin from the foundation

Restore the skin's natural strength

Experience the glow that never fades

Awakens the shine hidden within the skin to glow from the inside out

Aurora Effect

A Super Vivid glow
that shines brighter on the skin

Aurora Super & Vivid


Aurora Super
2,5ml x 2 syringes


Aurora Vivid
5ml x 2 vials

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