IRLV Intimate

Intimate care

ASCEplus IRLV helps restore vaginal health. Menopause, dietary imbalances and decreased estrogen cause atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, which then becomes thinner and drier, losing its elasticity and can even cause symptoms of itching and burning.
ASCEplus IRLV Gynecological therapy based on nanovesicles which act on vulvovaginal alterations. They repair tissues by stimulating fibroblasts and increasing the synthesis of collagen, elastin and maintaining natural levels of hyaluronic acid. Likewise, it helps improve circulation and sensitivity of the vaginal epithelium.

Key Ingredients

exosomes - hyaluronic acid - 6 minerals - 7 growth factors - 19 amino acids - 6 peptides - 4 coenzymes - a selection of vitamins and minerals

500 types of miRNAs, more than 200 types of proteins and 5 billion exosomes manufactured by ExoCoBio. Specific to vulvovaginal regeneration.

The world's first intimate rejuvenation

unique IRLV features

Improves problems such as dry, thin skin, itching and tingling

Anti-inflammatory properties that relieve wounds and scars

Nourishes sagging skin and strengthens its elasticity

Personalized formulation for the intimate area

Perfect custom design

For ultimate synergy

pack irl

Vial 1

Lyophilized solution

Promotes improvement of the intimate area and nutritional intake

Vial 2

Activation solution

Maximizes the absorption of active ingredients

The beneficial effects

Increases HA production

Increases HA production in VK2 cells

up to 120%

Reduces irritation

They stimulate immunomodulation with anti-inflammatory effects

(TNF-a, IL-31, TSLP, etc…)

Improves vaginal dryness

Increases the expression of water transport regulatory proteins

(AQP3, AQP5)

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