Deep Shoot Range

The Products

Deep Shoot HA

DEEP SHOOT HA is a product based on hyaluronic acid integrating an innovative and painless 32G multi-needle hypodermic device, TurtlePin (19 needles, 0.5 mm), which...

Deep Shoot AA

DEEP SHOOT AA is a multifunctional cocktail containing essential ANTI-AGING agents, combined with a 32G multi-needle hypodermic device, TurtlePin (19 needles,...

Deep Shoot AA Hair Loss

DEEP SHOOT AA Hair Loss allows direct epidermal diffusion of over 56 types of active ingredients through our hypodermic micro-needle technology of gauge...

  • An ergonomic design that is easy to handle
  • Even distribution at every application point (0.06cc/injection)
  • An innovative technique allowing deeper-acting surface treatment
  • No burrs or leaks during or after injection


Penetration into the upper epidermis


Exceptional gauge hypodermic needles

19 needles

Homogenization of needle distribution


Optimal angle for efficient penetration

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